COVID has fundamentally changed how investment products are distributed. Zoom calls in lieu of face-to-face meetings and new distribution channels to take on for the first time, it has clearly frustrated investment salespeople who liked their way of doing business. However, we must adapt. At Dakota, we have helped investment firms win during these unprecedented times.

What is Dakota?


Dakota is a fundraising firm that raises capital for investment managers and is responsible for creating and updating Dakota Marketplace, a leading institutional investor and RIA database that is used by hundreds of investment firms.

Dakota has been built on the belief that your total addressable market (TAM) drives your company's growth. We have been obsessed from the beginning with building the largest possible TAM for our fundraising clients. Quite simply, with a larger group of people that buy what you sell, you naturally have more opportunities to win. Now more than ever it's a belief that the sales process has changed, and we must change with it. And at Dakota, that is exactly the vision we help companies realize.

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By knowing the right people to put me in front of, Dakota has created an incredible asset. They have those long-standing relationships that we as a money manager need.

- Alan Breed, Portfolio Manager for Edgewood Management

Marketplace is nirvana for a sales professional who wants access to RIAs and other institutional investors. Most of my prospecting is over because all I have to do is log in and pull up a city I am traveling to, and all the RIAs and investors I need to know are right there. It’s awesome.

- Jim Stevens, Institutional Sales, $4 billion large cap growth manager
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Adapt to the New World of Distribution

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