A Partnership
for Long-Term Growth

Since 2006, Dakota Investments has partnered with boutique investment managers to meet their business development goals, raising over $30 billion. Committed to long-term engagements, we provide both third-party sales and client service support, freeing you to focus on what you do best.

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Accelerate Your Message Into the Marketplace

As an extension of your team, we become intimate with your company and culture, then draw on our extensive expertise and relationships to give voice to your investment strategies and quickly introduce them to the marketplace.


A True Partner for Growth

When we partner with you, we’re an extension of your firm. To successfully project that, we go to great lengths to immerse ourselves in your approach, story and culture, ensuring that we speak with one voice. As your partner, we are committed to transparency and regularly provide marketplace feedback and real-time reporting on pipelines and activity.

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A Track Record of Success

Results matter. Ultimately, you partner with a third-party marketer to meet your fundraising goals. And we deliver on those expectations. Since 2006, Dakota Investments has raised over $25 billion for clients, helping them to achieve their desired growth.

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A Systematic Approach

Our success is the result of a systematic approach. Called The Dakota Way, it consists of knowing whom to call, knowing what to say, and having a killer follow-up. Over the years, we’ve developed processes and tools that allow us to identify top allocators, set up new meetings, and accelerate your message into the marketplace.


A Whole Team at Your Disposal

When you partner with Dakota Investments, you don’t get a single salesperson – you get an entire team of seasoned sales, marketing and data professionals. Rather than work through segregated channels defined by accounts and geography, we collaborate closely to bring our collective skill set to every client.

Asset Classes

Dakota Investments distributes a range of asset classes across institutional investor channels:

Long-only equities
Private equity
Long-only fixed income
Private credit
Hedge funds
Real estate and infrastructure
“Dakota has been a great partner since 2006 and what we admire most about them is their consistent process of getting us in front of investors - more than we ever thought possible - and it just continues to this day, 14 years later. They have truly built a fundraising machine.”
- Alan Breed, President, Edgewood Management

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