Our Dakota Data allows you to sync Marketplace with Salesforce accounts and contacts, delivering numerous benefits for sales teams.

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Receive Alerts When Contacts Change Jobs
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Keep Your Contacts Updated in Real Time

The Dakota Data not only imports every Marketplace account and contact into Salesforce, it keeps your CRM accurate via real-time updates. When a Marketplace contact’s information changes, your account or contact owner receives an alert and the information is automatically updated in Salesforce.

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  • Receive fresh leads daily via new accounts and contacts.

  • Get automatic updates to Marketplace contacts, including email addresses, titles, phone numbers and asset class coverage areas.

  • Link to Marketplace directly from your Salesforce instance to access over 150 custom fields and Marketplace’s full feature set.

Get Real-Time Marketing Analytics in Salesforce

When you combine Dakota Pages with Marketplace, our Dakota Data allows you to receive real-time marketing insights right in Salesforce. Instantly know who is engaging with your marketing materials and what content interests them.



  • Get user analytics delivered directly into Salesforce.

  • Know immediately which allocators log in and the content they view.

  • Leverage the insights to nurture buyers with intelligent next steps.

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