Make the Most of Your Content

Turn your content into a killer marketing system that helps nurture leads. Dakota Pages provides a single site to house all of your firm’s quarterly and historical content and a convenient place to invite allocators to view it.

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Market Smarter Through Intelligent Insights

Pages’ analytics and reporting deliver valuable insight into who visits Pages and the content that appeals to them, allowing you to take informed next steps and tailor effective follow-up messages to their specific interests.
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House All of Your Content in One Place

Get more out of your content. Most investment content is created and emailed quarterly, then stored on an internal shared drive. Pages offers a place to store all your historical content, invite allocators to view it and allow due diligence analysts to review it at their convenience.


Get Visibility Into Who Views Your Content

The lack of insight into what content due diligence analysts value makes marketing to them a challenge. With Pages, you can see when an allocator logs in and the materials they view, allowing you to create more of what they like. It also allows you to measure the success of your email marketing campaigns.

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See Which Content Appeals to Allocators

Get insight into what resonates with leads. Pages’ analytics reveals which content an allocator clicks on and how long they engage with it, giving you visibility into their level of interest. See if they do a quick click on a fund overview or dig into its performance over the past five years.

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Tailor Follow-Up Messages

Leverage insights gleaned from Pages to inform your next steps. Based on the content an allocator views, you can tailor your follow-ups – send more data on a specific strategy they did a deep dive on, offer to discuss differences in funds they viewed or re-message to those who didn’t visit.

Marketplace is nirvana for a sales professional who wants access to RIAs and other institutional investors. Most of my prospecting is over because all I have to do is log in and pull up a city I am traveling to, and all the RIAs and investors I need to know are right there. It’s awesome.

Jim Stevens, Institutional Sales, $4 billion large cap growth manager

Pair Marketplace and Pages for an End-to-End Solution

A sales team’s success depends on knowing who to call on for meetings and the ability to follow up on those meetings with effective marketing. Pairing Marketplace and Pages provides both – a powerful lead generation platform and an intelligent marketing hub.

And with the Dakota Data, you can access both right in your Salesforce instance. By equipping your team with a tool to meet their fundraising goals, you can increase CRM adoption and improve data integrity.

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Market Smarter Through Intelligent Insights

Turn your content into a killer marketing system that helps nurture leads with Dakota Pages.

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